TFF Challenge
Summit Talks

2016 TFF Summit Talks

Marquise is the Founder and Principal of Openbox. As a business designer and developer for more than two decades, he grounds the Openbox vision in strategic planning from the fields of investing, product development, and technology.

Chris Lewicki is the President and CEO at Planetary Resources, Inc., a U.S. company that seeks to expand the economy of humanity into the Solar System through the development and use of resources found on near-Earth asteroids.

Jordan McRae is CTO and Co-Founder of Trillium Technologies a mission driven technology company dedicated to solving Grand Challenges in the areas of OCEAN Conservation, SPACE Exploration, and CLIMATE Change mitigation.

Julie Borlaug is the granddaughter of Dr. Norman E. Borlaug and the Associate Director of External Relations at the Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture at Texas A&M. Julie works to continue his legacy through developing agricultural partnerships between public, private and philanthropic groups to further the Borlaug legacy and expand upon his mission to feed the world’s hungry.

John is the founder and CEO of SynBioBeta, an activity hub for synthetic biology startup companies, industry and investors. John led the Planetary Sustainability Collaboratory at the NASA Ames Space Portal where he built partnerships to bring new technologies on sustainability challenges on Earth and in space.