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TFF Core Team

Christine Gould

Christine is the Founder & CEO of the Thought for Food (TFF) Foundation, the world's leading next-generation innovation and collaboration platform for food & nutrition security. Her vision is to incentivize and share tech and business model breakthroughs developed by young people around the world in emerging areas such as synthetic biology, controlled indoor growing, precision agriculture, logistics and appropriate solutions for smallholders.
In 2013, Christine was named as a founding member of the Ashoka League of Intraprenuers. She also serves on the Boards of Young Professionals in Ag Development (YPARD) and the Association for Vertical Farming (AVF). She holds an MPA with a concentration in Science and Technology Policy from Columbia University, and has worked on ag related projects in NYC, Washington, DC, Brussels, Port-au-Prince and Basel.

Jared Yarnall-Schane

Jared is the Program Director of Thought For Food, and utilizes his unique startup experience and technical background to develop and implement programs for TFF teams from around the world. He believes that youth empowerment is key towards creating a healthier and happier world, and that all people deserve equal opportunities at life. In the past, Jared lived with a smallholder farm family in rural Kenya, and worked with young innovators to create a food preservation business. Through this experience, he realized how important it is to be connected to our food, so he launched GreenTowers, a design firm that lets anyone, anywhere grow their own food. Jared attended Penn State University where he earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.

Kitty Leering

Kitty is the Event Director and Strategic Advisor of Thought For Food. Kitty has dedicated her professional life to creating unconventional meetings for impact. In her work, she always looks for multidisciplinary and cross-industry connections, combining domains like arts, design, technology, science, business and social innovation. Kitty thrives on engaging with a broad diversity of activities (from setting up a restaurant, curating books and developing internationally renowned events) and topics (from IT and urban innovation, to the future of food). Kitty studied marketing and design at the University of Applied Science in Diemen, Amsterdam.

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