thought for food

The Thought For Food (TFF) Foundation is the world’s leading platform for next generation innovation and collaboration to answer one of the biggest challenges facing our future:

how do we feed
9+ billion people
by 2050?

We unite a unique group of bold, unconventional thinkers and doers from all disciplines and all parts of the globe to transform food and agriculture.

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impact we make

Inspire, engage and empower the next generation
Incentivize, fund and support fresh ideas from around the world
Unite diverse thinkers and doers to solve big problems
Experiment with new innovation and collaboration approaches
Create exciting talent, reputation and innovation opportunities
Our program is based on 3 key pillars: tff challenge tff summit tff impact

our results so far

1. We’ve inspired 8,000 people in 130 countries to channel their passions and energies towards food and agriculture - and we’re growing every year!

2. Each year, we catalyze hundreds of bold ideas to address food and nutrition security - all coming from university-age students around the world!

3. We’ve helped the next generation launch more than 30 startups from locations such as Australia, Brazil, Colombia, France, India, Indonesia, Uganda, the UK and the USA.

4. Our Global Summits have united 1500 of the world’s most passionate changemakers around critical topics such as synthetic biology, vertical farming, precision agriculture, logistics, new foods and appropriate technology for smallholder farmers.

5. Our custom online project platform and Design Thinking Lab empowers innovators around the world in human-centered design thinking methodology.

6. We’ve created a 12-week virtual and in-person startup accelerator program, and open sourced the curriculum to scale reach and impact.

7. We’ve activated 100+ expert mentors from a variety of sectors to advise TFF community in a range of relevant skills in food and ag, and beyond.

8. Our industry partners have hired from our TFF talent pool, and have tapped into their thinking through focus groups and more.

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