Advancing insect-sourced foods

C-fu is a process that transforms insects into versatile bug meat. It’s the flagship of an innovation platform for hundreds of new products!

Use Case

Bob knows protein is important but he wants to make responsible choices. He finds C-fu blocks in the refrigerated aisle of his grocery, takes it home and fries it on a hot skillet with oil and ginger. Ann is looking for a non-dairy cream cheese. She picks up cream-fu on her way home and spreads on toast, delighted knowing she’s getting omega-3’s, protein, and iron while helping curb GHG’s. Al wants to put something new on his menu. He buys waxworm C-fu and uses its delicate flavor to make a novel pate that excites his customers. Jim is looking for a better way to farm salmon. He knows fish meals are depleting the oceans so he buys bulk, high protein chitin from C-fu processors. His salmon love it and he feels great knowing he’s making a difference. C-fu makes all this possible and more.


C-fu is dense nutrition that will help alleviate global hunger and nutrient deficiencies while providing livelihoods for microfarmers and processors. C-fu will create a platform to develop new insect-sourced foods with wide consumer acceptability that will shift paradigms on entomophagy. C-fu products will enter markets, groceries, and restaurants, increasing demand for insect foods and encouraging microfarmers worldwide. Demand for insects as raw materials in new products will enable insect commodity markets to thrive and create a whole new food sector and jobs. Sideproducts from C-fu will also impact feed and fertilizer production, displacing inorganic fertilizers and feed options like grain, soy, and fish meal in poultry and aquaculture, further enlarging the available food supply.

Business Case

C-fu will launch as a for-profit corporation that will focus on unflavored C-fu for direct sale to consumers and secondary processors as well as feed production from sideproducts. The company will be vertically integrated, operating as an insect farm too. C-fu will be primarily made from mealworms because of their neutral flavor and ease of rearing, but the company will also develop C-fu’s from other insects for specialty markets and fine dining. The C-fu processing method will be licensed to hasten development of new products, and marketing will initially target Asia, Africa, and South America where entomophagy is already popular. Markets in Europe and North America will follow. As C-fu grows, it will expand the insect farming industry, profiting the company and microfarmers worldwide.


  1. Open minds: Engage the public on the topic of entomophagy and prove that eating bugs doesn't just make sense, it tastes great too!
  2. Open mouths: Get C-fu into the hands of creative chefs, daring affineurs, and influential diners to unleash its full revolutionary potential
  3. Open doors: Use C-fu's demand to offset the cost of valuable sideproducts and pave the way for an insect commodity market

Team C-fu

Ithaca, NY and Toronto, Ontario, USA and Canada

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New website! / Published February 4, 2015 by Lee Cadesky

New website!


New website! Check out cfufoods.wordpress.com / Published February 4, 2015 by Lee Cadesky

New website! Check out cfufoods.wordpress.com

We've got a website! Check out the latest developments about C-fu at https://cfufoods.wordpress.com

C-fu photoshoot / Published February 3, 2015 by Lee Cadesky

C-fu photoshoot

We did a photoshoot a few weeks ago.

C-fu adds a great crunch to salads! And it's loaded with protein, omega-3, and essential nutrients.

C-fu in the news...again! / Published February 3, 2015 by Lee Cadesky

C-fu in the news...again!

We've been making headlines on the internet and are super excited that people are learning about C-fu! We can't wait to head to Lisbon and bring it to the Thought for Food Summit in 2 weeks!

You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to get updates on everything we're developing the in the C-fu labs.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/C.Fu.TFF
Twitter: twitter.com/tffcornell2014
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-HV2CjIMf9mWRFTup6TG6Q (C-fu)

Here's some stories that have been popping up about C-fu:





Front page news! / Published January 29, 2015 by Lee Cadesky

Front page news!


Today's tasting was a huge success! We were covered on the front page of the Cornell Chronicle!

Our Team

Our Mission

C-fu is about seriously engaging consumers on the idea of entomophagy by drawing equivalence between insect derived protein and conventional protein products like soy, fish, chicken, cheese, and beef. C-fu seeks to bridge the gap between product and production by abstracting the product from its source, in the same way that tofu is abstracted from soy, surimi from fish, poultry from chicken, cheese from cow, and beef from steer. In doing so, we seek to create a new product language to describe insect based protein, paving the way for the creation of a new insect protein commodity market that will benefit consumers, processors, and producers globally. C-fu is about enabling the production of new foodstuffs where there was previously only production but not consumption because the link between agricultural and food product had not been sufficiently abstracted.

Our Background

Feeding 9 billion people means exploiting every last resource on the earth with mindfulness to sustainability and future impact. Doing so requires a dramatic redefining of what food really is. What and why people eat is a complex issue that transcends just nutrition, taste, lifestyle, or culture. We believe that feeding the planet will also mean redefining the edible. Inspired by modernism and note-by-note cuisine, C-fu hopes to challenge classical notions of what “food” is and engage on a level that is simultaneously scientific and gustatory. By doing so we invite everyone to responsibly volunteer their tongues, tastebuds, intestines, and guts in a great experiment on eating that will reinvent how we see food, science, and sustainability. C-fu’s team combines expertise in food science, biochemistry, sustainable development, nutrition, and business development from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY and The Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto, Ontario.

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