Thought For Food is a platform to help engage and empower the next generation to help feed 9 billion people by 2050. Part of achieving this goal means uncommon and unique collaborations between industry, governments, universities, and other non-profits. See below to learn about initiatives we are currently engaging in.

GFIA Europe | 2017

Utrecht, The Netherlands
May 9-10, 2017

The Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture has partnered with Thought For Food, a next generation engagement platform, to host a “Startup Pitch Room” at GFIA-Europe May 9-10, 2017. We are calling all food, agriculture, and nutrition related startups to sign up for a 5 minute business pitch to investors, executives, and changemakers. Take this opportunity to seek investment, partnership, and/or just pure exposure at one of the world’s largest events around the agriculture of tomorrow.

Sign-ups start early January, check back in for more information, and send any questions to Edward Silva at Additionally, learn more about this incredible summit here:

GFIA Abu Dhabi | 2017

Abu Dhabi, UAE
March 20-21, 2017

When the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA) was launched in 2014 it leveraged partnerships with over 40 influential organisations, such as the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the World Bank, that wanted a platform to show the world how technology gives us the only real chance of feeding nine billion people without destroying the environment.

Now in its fourth edition, GFIA is the world’s largest showcase of sustainable agriculture innovations for increased profits and environmentally responsible farming practices. Unlike other major agriculture events, GFIA is uniquely committed to meeting the needs of both large and smallholder farmers by presenting the best available and emerging solutions with the potential to deliver higher yields without damaging our natural resources and climate.

GFIA is not only a forum for key stakeholders to discuss policy, strategy and solutions for a food secure future, but a live marketplace for suppliers to meet thousands of farmers and procurement managers from government, food producers, agri businesses, NGOs and cooperatives.

And now, Thought For Food is helping to continue this mission!

Thought For Food will host a “Design Thinking Mash-Up Workshop,” giving participants the insight and tools to design and promote innovative solutions for food security. Learn more here: