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Your Quick Guide to Developing & Brainstorming Innovative Ideas to Fuel Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

At the TFF Global Summit, game-changing ideas for feeding our world often root from a creative and entrepreneurial spirit. It all begins with imaginative minds who are willing to think in unconventional ways and provide fresh, new perspectives. Need some tips on how to get your creative juices flowing, or how to solidify and organize your idea in an effective way? Take out your pen and notebook, here are some quick tips to help guide your entrepreneurial approach to getting your light bulb idea when collaborating and brainstorming with a team.


Make your team a diverse one. It may seem like a no-brainer to include students who are studying agriculture or the sciences into your TFF team, but you should also consider adding students from various backgrounds with different skill sets as well. Having an engineer, a designer, an architect, etc., will be beneficial in providing a wide range of different ideas and talents, which will bring in different perspectives and skill sets.

Assign a Moderator

Assigning a moderator to help guide your team in your brainstorm sessions and meetings will help to keep your team on track and organized. Make sure that the person moderating the conversation is someone who is non-authoritative and respected by your teammates. 


Take into consideration the best time of the day for you and your team to sit down for a powerful brainstorm session. Everyone works best at different times, so recognize everyone's optimal time, and try to avoid times of the day which hinder people's ability to think. If late nights or evenings are the source of tired minds or frustration, avoid them.

Set Goals

Don't go into a brainstorm session blind. Identify your goals for each meeting, make sure they are attainable, and focus on measurable things that can be achieved with specific milestones. Then, create deadlines to ensure that the goals will be completed.

Find Inspiration

Outside inspiration is key to developing a strong idea. Study other solutions people have developed which have been successful. Doing this may not only help to spark an idea for you, but can also be a tool to look at what works and what doesn't. 

Sleep on It

Take a break from the brainstorming process and give yourself time to sleep on your idea. Allowing yourself to step away may allow you to mentally process what you have already come up with in a different, less pressured way.

Question Yourself

Make a list of why your idea has potential, then question the details. How might your idea ultimately fail and what are the weaknesses of your idea? Asking yourself these questions will allow you to become aware of the possible issues that may arise down the line.

Get Outside Input

Get outside input from people who are not in your team. By doing so, you will be able to get perspectives from "real" people who would be potential consumers/end users of your product or idea. Allow them to asses your idea and be open to their unbiased suggestions and opinions.

Read Good Books

There are countless amounts of books which will help ignite your creative thinking. Check out these suggestions in the article 19 Books Every Creative Entrepreneur Should Read This Year. These will be sure to inspire and help develop your innovative ideas to fuel your entrepreneurial spirit!

Written by: Ysabel Chavez, Thought For Food Intern

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