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Unleashed Software Provides Real-Time Inventory Control

With organic food sales at an all-time high, manufacturing companies are struggling to keep up with demand. In the U.S., organic food sales hit $43.3 billion in 2015, up 11 percent from the previous year. Organic food consumption has also increased in other parts of the world, and growth is expected to continue. TechSci Research estimates that global organic food will increase 16 percent by 2020.

While the increased demand for healthy foods presents a great opportunity for manufacturers, it also comes with challenges. Manufacturers need to monitor their supply of raw materials, and make sure to use the freshest ingredients. Completed products need to be inventoried, packaged and shipped out in time, all while keeping costs low. As production grows, having a streamlined system to keep track of all of these processes becomes crucial.

New-Zealand based company Unleashed Software hopes to solve these problems for food manufacturing companies with their cloud-based inventory management software. With Unleashed, companies can access real-time inventory data from any location, track batches from every stage of production, and keep track of all food production costs.

"At the end of the day, what a business needs is a solution designed to remove the time-consuming administrative tasks out of food inventory management so that it can concentrate on increasing productivity and profitability in its food manufacturing operation," Unleashed Software CEO Gareth Berry says.

When East Bali Cashews was expanding production, they needed a way to keep track of inventory that was more efficient and accurate than Microsoft Excel. Once they started using Unleashed, they were able to increase production from 180 tons of cashews a year to 1,000 tons. General Manager Iput Putri estimates that production will increase to 5,000 tons in about three years.

"We’re in seven countries and I’ve got maybe another seven lining up outside the door - that’s going to be based on one cloud-based system," Putri says. "Huge, huge difference."

Other companies that use Unleashed include Caveman Foods, which provides pre-made Paleo Meals, and Gourmet Organic Herbs. By using technology to improve their production processes, these companies are able to keep up with the increasing demand for their foods worldwide.

This type of software can help budding food manufacturers scale on a global level, while receiving information like profit reports, stock visibility, and an intuitive sales app.

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