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1. Make a prestigious addition to your resume

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3. Receive all-star mentorship and business training

4. Access state-of-the-art tools and resources such as our Design Thinking Lab

5. Win seed funding and extensive in-kind support. $25,000 in cash prizes to be awarded!

6. Be part of our epic TFF Global Summit held in Europe

7. Join our global community of next generation impact-makers

8. Make your contribution to the world by helping to solve one of the most pressing global issues

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The Next-Gen Assemblies: Town Halls

There are so many things to do, try, eat, listen to, and talk about at the TFF Global Summit. This is your time to try something new, open your mind and take action towards the future of food & nutrition security you want to see in the world. On Friday afternoon, we're welcoming a number of people to participate, facilitate, interview, and hack together in our Next-Gen Assemblies.

These are the TFF twist on the traditional break-out sessions you see at other conferences. The Next-Gen Assemblies have been specially designed to explore cutting-edge topics in food and agriculture using new types of approaches to maximize dialogue and solution development.

Time to take a step out of your comfort zone and try out a few different formats. This is your safe space to explore, be honest, try, fail and learn! Over the next week we will deep dive into each format of the Next-Gen Assemblies. You'll find out what they're all about, including who is participating!

Next up, are the Town Halls. These are lively discussions offering various global perspectives on important and complex topics. We've called on international experts in their respective fields to join us on stage for 40 minutes to inspire… [more]

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