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#whatsnext in Food & Ag is here. These are the 10 TFF Challenge Finalist Teams!


Yeah, we're a little romantic at heart. What better day to profess our love for the future of food and ag than Valentine's Day? It's a day to share with the people you love, and spoil them with gifts. And our gift to you? The top 10 TFF Challenge Finalists.

It was a tough decision. From the almost 500 teams who applied, we could choose only 10 to pitch on stage at the TFF Global Summit on May 27th in Amsterdam. We worked closely with our Round 1 judges to choose the proposals which showed the most promise, innovation, and creativity when answering the backbone of the TFF Challenge; How do we feed 9+ billion people by 2050?

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The top 10 Finalist ideas cover a number of important areas for the future of food and agriculture, including finance, biotech, big data, fertilizer/inputs, vertical farming, AgTech, logistics, food preservation and new foods. These are niches we believe to be ripe for disruption, and the teams are ready to be the ones to do this.

#Whatsnext you may ask? Other than that being the theme of our upcoming… [more]

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